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Ai Miyazato Interview

Tlogo_sm_mcdonalds わくわくする事。明日の朝ひとつあります。宮里藍選手です。三日目終わって一位タイです。全米女子プロ(McDonald's LPGA Championship PRESENTED BY COCA-COLA メジャーです。凄いです。成績もさることながら、彼女の英語のインタビューもなかなか「あっぱれ!」です。LPGAからの引用です。

LPGA は Ladies Professional Golf Association の略です。

Ai Miyazato, 68-72-69=209 (-7)

Scorecard: Hole 1, 358-yard par 4: birdie – 8-iron to 13 feet
Hole 5, 389-yard par 4: birdie – 5-iron to 13 feet
Hole 6, 387-yard par 4: birdie – 7-iron to 20 feet
Hole 14, 372-yard par 4: bogey – second shot to right of green, 52-degree wedge to 10 feet
Hole 17, 171-yard par 3: birdie – 5-iron to 10 feet

PAM WARNER: Ai, thank you for coming in and joining us today. Nice round out there. Currently at 7‑under. Tied for the lead. Talk about the day.
AI MIYAZATO: I stayed in good flow all day. Especially my putting the first half of the round. And I was able to stay concentrated throughout the day.

Q. You played a really good round today but towards the end your shots kind of got a little erratic. What do you think are some of the reasons?
AI MIYAZATO: Some of the reasons include at impact, I didn't really have good timing at impact and I tended to think too much during the round. But then when I started hitting shots to the pin it got a lot better.

Q. You played a round with Lorena Ochoa today and you beat her score‑wise. What do you think about that?
AI MIYAZATO: I really was able to concentrate on my game today. It is my second time playing with Lorena and I feel like she's the type of player that can show her true self in the last round and play a really good round. So I did have a lot of fun.

Q. What was your most memorable par‑saving shot or hole?
AI MIYAZATO: The 12th hole, the par‑3. I think that was a really good par save.

Q. What were you feeling on the putt for par on the 12th hole?
AI MIYAZATO: I was able to putt with confidence and the line was a hook line, right‑to‑left.

Q. In the second round you hit into the water on the 12th and did that ever come across your mind on the third round?
AI MIYAZATO: No, I didn't really have any bad image of the second round, but the timing at impact was a little bit off around that time. So that's why maybe I missed the green on the right side.

Q. After making three birdies on the first front nine did you feel like you could go further?
AI MIYAZATO: No, not really, I didn't have any changes mentally either.

Q. Besides the one today, were there any settings that made you feel like you were playing in a Major tournament?
AI MIYAZATO: Let's see, if you missed, besides the one you missed the tee shot, it leaves you with a difficult second shot. So hitting the fairway was a little ‑‑ was a big key today.

Q. The question was, the ruling that you had on 12 yesterday, what was, what did you ask? What did you have the rules official for?
AI MIYAZATO: I conferred with Christina Kim because Paula Creamer said that she didn't see the initial drop and after the drop the ball went beyond the line, the line of the two club lengths, but after it rolled the ball didn't get closer to the pin. And that's what Christina thought also, but I just wanted to double‑check with the rules official that it was the correct drop and that the ball didn't go closer to the pin from the original drop.

Q. Did you do anything special to maintain your concentration?
AI MIYAZATO: No. The course itself makes me stay concentrated.

Q. You've been in contention two weeks in a row and will probably play in the last group two weeks in a row. What sort of things will you use from the experiences from the last couple tournaments?
AI MIYAZATO: I believe that these things, you just have to take it step by step and just because last week you were doing really well, it doesn't really change overnight or the following week. And I just need to stay concentrated on my game.

Q. Do you feel satisfied with the transition that you've been having since last week?
AI MIYAZATO: Whether I'm satisfied or not, it's a little difficult to say because it's a different course and last week is last week. But even though ‑‑ but I am satisfied with the way I played last week. But this week, like I said, I just need to maintain my focus and it's a little bit difficult to compare the two tournaments.

Q. Did you look at the leaderboard today and where?
AI MIYAZATO: I look at the leaderboard on the 17th and I didn't really feel like I wanted, that I should go any further or try to calm myself down. I just saw my place in the tournament.

自分は半分いや1/4くらしいしかわかりませんが、堂々と答えているテレビの姿を見ていると、なにかやってくれそうな気がしてくるのです。優勝できなくとも、AI MIYAZATOはアメリカの女子プロとして資格だけでなく、知られる認められる存在になるでしょう。凄いと思います。


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Ai Miyazato 選手



投稿: ピーちゃんの身元引受人 | 2006.06.12 10:50

いやぁ最終日、惜しかったというか頑張ったというか。ダブルボギーを出しながらも、最後の最後まで頑張って18番もバーディーで三位タイ。記事の中の一位タイのリンクをクリックすると賞金も出ています。優勝は$270,000 藍ちゃんは$105,501 最後がパーなら4位で$57,464 下世話な話ですが、500万円の値のバーディということになります。でも世界のトッププロの世界を示すわかりやすい一例なのかもしれません。4日間で1千万稼いだ藍ちゃんな訳で、頑張れ~と言ったら、「おじさんたちもね」とか言われかねませんね。(^_^;)

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投稿: ピーちゃんの身元引受人 | 2006.06.13 07:22

宮里聖志 \15,982,000 (国内男子13位)
宮里優作 \3,786,833 (国内男子58位)
宮里 藍 $308,994 (\35,225,315)(米国女子15位)
ひょえ~ 藍ちゃんは 今年こんなに稼いでいるんだぁ・・。

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